Playing sex in Public

August 8th, 2013

Practically all of my stockings are now ripped and torn and damaged- so I’m in need of replenishing my collection of Cuban-heeled and back-seamed stockings. What better excuse for heading out and indulging in a little exhibition with the sexiest man I know?
I confess that I found these excursions to be like a first, small foray into exhibitionism. It was a bit of a thrill the first time we headed into a lingerie store together, not like we were embarassed to be seen there, not making a beeline for dull panties, but sorting instead through costumes and bustiers and barely-there thongs and crotchless panties. Having them held up and knowing everyone who could see either disapproved or was deeply jealous. I still get wet while shopping in public for the sexiest thing in the store, thinking about what I’ll be modeling soon, how it’ll come off, how the whole night is going to unfold, and knowing it is going to beat the hell out of what anyone else nearby has planned.
Now, I like getting a little dirtier in public. Then fuck my wive in dressing rooms. Venturing out in a trenchcoat and heels, naked underneath that. I’m hoping I can dive in a little earlier- right now, it’s my personal challenge to find a way to get the two of us into a dressing room at one of our favorite lingerie stores, one of the single sexiest places to be, and find a way to blow him right there, maybe wearing some sort of killer, barely-there lingerie. Maybe I ought to get a good shelf bra before then- cupless, so I can rub my near-naked tits against him. Surrounded by oblivious crowds, swallowing his thick, hard cock, licking and sucking every firm inch, giving him all the pleasure I can, while everyone is unaware of what’s happening mere feet away. Getting him off, then tucking my tits, glistening with hot, wet cum back underneath the trenchcoat, touching up in the mirror while he slides his hands under the hem to squeeze my ass, play with a garter, stroke my wet pussy just to tease me. Then heading out. Making our purchases and smiling at everyone. They have no idea they were all witness to our little dirty display. Maybe I’ll leave a little streak of cum on my cheek. Sometimes it’s people knowing that gets me off, sometimes, it’s that they’re totally oblivious. All the same, thinking about it gets me a little wet.
So here’s hoping a little trip to the store is in the near future.

There is a reason when u meet him!!!

June 10th, 2013

That’s beginning with the short email telling he will travel to her place for business. She feels happy because she can meet new friend. After few email end up with fast get through. So chat more with that.
She been invited to take dinner with him but she still not make up her mind yet because she wants get to know more on him then will dinner with him. She feels so curious why he wants to take her for dinner without seeing her picture? Haha There must be somethings wrong at the back right? End up she was invited to have dinner in his house? Wow They swap the photo before meeting. She chats with him the whole night before she agrees with the date. Took big afford to say yes to a stranger some ever in the night. Finally they go for lunch meeting.
She been waiting him for 15 minutes then he comes with bp. Is that him? He is tall with blonde hair and good looking. They have a drink in a HRC. The environment is running good. Then he takes her to have lunch in SLH. This is her first time with a man driving bp. This will be the only and the last chances she ever had. She knows that.
They have a good buffet in the hotel with a good chat too. Then she sits on the car again. He drives bit fast but she can’t ask him to slow down although she feels a bit nervous. Just enjoy the moment ya. Heading to a shop for best cuppocinoo and back to his home.
She likes his home. Very peaceful place. They listen to music and chatting. He kisses her and she avoids his kisses. Just want to tease him. Well she really enjoys his touch and hug. He holds her tight in his big chest. She likes a little girl in front of this big man. She knows that he is a homey guy. She loves that kind of guy because they will really care their women.
She teases him again. They have a french kiss. Very nice and romantic with nice song. Back to room rolling on bed with lots touching, kissing and caring. She sits on him with dress on. Teasing him on rocking him. He hugs her tight as can feel her boobs on his big chest. This moment will be the best as memory.
She knows that she can’t be his woman but she been with this man for a few hours. In this time she has the new experiences. End of the story will be a good bye kiss and yes she enjoys her good day. Princess day.

Chocolate heaven

November 27th, 2012

I went out to meet a new dude after work and I’ve gotta say it was the shortest date I’ve ever been on! And it felt more like a business meeting rather than a date, even tho we were sitting at a bar counter having drinks. Damn!
Swimming naked with M and stopping frequently to fondle each other was also incredible. At one point he lifted me out of the pool, sat me on the edge and buried his head between my legs. I felt like a porn star as slowly started to tease my pussy with his tongue… he licked my wetness and sucked & bit my swollen clit, I began to have one intense orgasm after another….he finally pulled me back into the water, where I quickly felt his incredible cock fill me up. Feeling him thrust harder and harder, deeper and deeper while we leaned against the side of the pool was almost surreal….my only regret is that we had forgotten to take the video camera with us on the trip…

Finding the girl

September 24th, 2012

This sounds simple to people who have forgotten one little thing: hot young girls don’t really give a shit about you and your problem. Also, so many people come at them wanting to cuddle naked that they actually know your moves much better than you do, because they have practiced their lines in this little skit A LOT. They grew up online, and exposed to a massive amount of hard core porn at an early age (instead of stealing their Dad’s Playboys they were watching the same insane websites you watch). Living online means they see your allcaps multiple exclamation pointed no boys allowed sign and recognize it immediately as classic troll behavior, and loathe it. They are also sophisticated enough to realize that the fact you want them but think a threesome with a guy is taboo means you are both way less stable in your relationship and way less adventurous than you want to portray yourself as. Besides, they don’t date older to be adventurous. They have their choice of other young, hot, tight bodied people in their age group who are all going through an experimental stage at the same time. They date older for more mature out of the bedroom stuff, or for the shopping, travel and access that come with Adult mobile dating someone who is established. A one night stand with a married couple doesn’t satisfy either of their motivations at all. She can fuck a hot young guy and girl who have just as much internet porn knowledge as a married couple and are athletic enough to get in and out of all the positions, and with your wife around the shopping will suck (at least for her, because your wife won’t buy her a dozen cute outfits trying to impress her), and so will the access, because your wife won’t want her around for anything important.

Introduce yourself

April 9th, 2012

I thought I’d start out with a sticky post where I’d introduce myself. I’m sure many people have done just the same or very similar things on their own blogs, but if anyone would like to, I’d be happy to see others introduce themselves to me using this post as well. Even if only to direct me to their dating site profiles with their introduction on it.
I have a good job with a comfortable income and I’m very happy with my monetary situation right now. I try not to be cynical but I think there are a lot of ladies out there who see how much money a man has or how much he makes a year as a very important attribute when looking for a potential match. Let me assure you I am not poor at all. I’m no Bill Gates but I’m happy with what I have.
Now, having said all that, I bet you are wondering (I know so many people will be reading this hehe) why I chose such a name at all.
Well you see, I think that you don’t necessarily have to be hard up for cash. You could be hard up for a lot of things. You could be hard up for an excuse for being late to work. Or hard up for a reason not to eat that last cupcake. mmmmm, cupcakes. Anyway, I was thinking my user name was rather clever really. In my case I am hard up for love of course!
And of also I was thinking my name was rather clever because I am also hard up for sex. And there is a connection there I’d be happy to point out to those who don’t understand it.
Lastly, the fosho part. I have no idea where that came from. I guess I just wanted to throw some gangster talk in there. Show how much of a badass I am. Hehe

Free Sex Games

September 8th, 2011

Working from home has a benefit. I get to play xxx Games at night, if I am so inclined (and I often am lol). Oh wait, when I travel, I can play at night too…hmmm. But I digress came over last night. The girls were gone to the Free sex games (further proof that babies were switched at birth) and we had the house and yard (?!?!) to ourselves!
I’m not a big skirt wearer….ha, that’s an understatement. In fact, I only own one ? a wrap around skirt I had made for me in Mexico. So when, in speaking to J the day before, I mentioned that I was wearing a skirt to lunch and he replied, No way! I want a pic…it got me thinking.
When he saw me, in my skirt and a little white t-shirt with my nipples poking out, he got a big ole smile. I don’t know if it occurred to him then that I might not be wearing panties but he found out later….oh wait, I’m getting ahead of myself.
We spent some time catching up, hanging on the front porch, indulging in an Free porn games, unwinding from the day. It was a beautiful night ? stayed pretty warm (a sure sign that summer is just around the corner, thank god!).

We went in to refresh the drinks and I found myself unexpectedly bent over, hands on the ground, ass high in the air, skirt parted (look ma, no panties hehe), silently grateful for all the yoga I’ve done that allows me to be quite comfortable in that position!

To throw gasoline on the bonfire, J decides that this will be a night where he will tell me when I can cum, where he will tease me up to the brink, make me stop, tease me some more, make me stop…til I’m begging.

There, on the kitchen floor, his plan is less than successful (or extremely successful depending on your point of view). He barely touches me before I am squirting all over the floor. Never satisfied with just once, he continues to tease and finger and fuck me, each time making me stop, catch my breath, relax, let the fire subside, and then starting again. My legs begin to tremble, my breath is coming in gasps, the blood rushing both to my face and my pussy. I can feel the buildup ? its making me squirm, I’m pushing my ass back against him, trying to make him forget that he isn’t letting me cum. I start to beg…each time I’m sure I won’t be able to hold it, each time I feel my control slipping a little farther away. But I hold on. It takes me longer and longer to back off, to come down, to let the fire subside. He takes me closer and closer to the edge each time….and then lets me go. And away I go ? what feels like gallons of liquid squirts out me, a scream rips from my throat and I cum harder than I can ever remember cumming before.

More on Haiti Donations and Pics

May 13th, 2011

I’m getting a really nice response from the Haiti donations. Thanks everyone – it’s a wonderful thing that you do!
Most I have written to and sent pics.
Others have not told me where to send the pics. For example, here’s one from Speedy:
“You have inspired me to donate. I was already thinging about it but hearing everyone that has has made me finally do it. Also if you have any pics of you and another woman 69ing Id love to see that.”
Happy to send some personal pics if you tell me where.

Adult Dating

May 13th, 2011

Ok, here’s the next Adult Dating pic in the champagne sub-series.
Yes, champagne certainly makes me want to spread my legs.
I use these sort of poses to entice Jon to do bad things to me. I think that almost every woman on the planet – who WANTS to be fucked – uses some form of enticment to move her mate to action.
In our group Adult Dating play and gangbangs sitting like this certainly gets everyone motivated and rising to the occasion.

If it’s a bi woman, she’ll come up and stick her tongue in my pussy or simply lick my clit, my labia, my shaved mound.

And, it’s pretty hard for guys to resist too.

I Am Just An Object of Pleasure

May 13th, 2011

Thanks for all your comments on my last blog – they are GREAT.

Okay, continuing on in my Life of a BDSM Sex Slave series.

My Master really enjoys objectifying me – just treating me as an object he owns – to be desired, displayed, and used in all sorts of ways.

In the process of objectification I get sooooooo horny, Jon can do whatever he likes with me.

My one thought is to please him.

In this pic he makes me bend backwards so that he can reach the entire front of my body, my breasts, pussy, and mouth.

He might play with me like this for a long time.

He can whip my body and legs or put a dildo in me or bring me close to orgasm – then deny me the pleasure!

He can and does anything he wants to do really.

In this position he’ll often go to my head, thrust his cock into my mouth, and push all the way down my throat. Then, as he is fucking my mouth he’ll whip my pussy and breasts.

He is a mean mean Master.
Rest of casual dating »

Happiness and casual dating

April 15th, 2011

There is no place where the phrase, “different strokes for different folks,” is more perfect. Different things make different people happy. It’s what we are all after isn’t it? Don’t we all just want to be happy? Isn’t that why we signed up for Adult FriendFinder, looking for something to make us happy?

Some people aren’t happy unless they’re sad. They need the drama and turmoil in their life to make them feel alive and happy. Others just seem like they are happy all the time. You know the type, the one who wakes up perky and happy and stays that way all day. Even if someone runs over their puppy they never seem to be anything but happy. I just want to choke the life out of those types. Rest of casual dating »